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Our story starts back when we  were kids, doing our homework behind our family's take-away restaurant. Food is definitely in our blood...

As Aussie children of Italian-born parents, food played a huge role in our lives.


For Italians, food is part of every social gathering. It's the way we connect, how we care for our loved ones, share with our friends and come together as family.

In our family, food was also our livelihood.

Our mother, like so many women of her generation, was an exceptional cook. She put her heart and soul into every meal, and we were the lucky ones to benefit.

We opened our first Italian family restaurant in 1987 and have since run a string much-loved Italian family eateries.

Pizza Riccardo - named for our father, is the latest and most authentic Italian food we've created so far. It draws on our father's charisma - his true celebration of friends, family, food and wine - and showcases the delicious provincial Italian food our mother taught us to share.


It's pretty simple really...

"We blend traditional Italian cooking with the freshest local produce to create delicious food for you to share with your friends and family, in the tradition of ours."

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