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Upholding the tradition of authentic Neopolitan Pizza

At Pizza Riccardo, our pizzas are made in the tradition of pizza vera napoletana - true Neopolitan pizza.

Our bases are made using Caputo flour, specially imported from Italy.  The dough is naturally leavened from brewers  yeast and left to prove for 24 - 48 hours. It is kneaded and shaped by hand, ready for firing.

Following tradition, we use D.O.P San Marzano tomato for all red pizza bases. San Marzano tomatoes are imported from Italy, grown in the rich volcanic soils South of Mt Vesuvius in Napoli (Naples).


For our cheeses - Fior Di Latte (fresh cows milk mozzarella), Buffalo mozzarella, Ricotta and Burrata - we look to local Australian suppliers for the most fresh quality. 

The salumi on our pizzas are also sourced from quality local producers, unless otherwise specified. And we always use premium Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


We hand-make our pork sausages, preserved tomatoes and pickled vegetables in the tradition of our family before us.


Food, from the kitchen

Our food is drawn from our rich heritage of provincial Italian food. With roots in both North and South Italy, our menu is varied and hinges around recipes that have been family traditions for years. We like to get creative too, adding new spins on old favourites.

Aside from the imported ingredients required for our Neopolitan pizza, all fresh produce from meat to grains, vegetables and cheeses are sourced from reputable local suppliers we know and trust.

We buy many of our ingredients 'on the day' to ensure the highest quality of freshness that provincial Italian food is known for.

Our sauces, marinades and dressings are made on site. Our menu reflects the season - we often have a new special on the board to showcase the best fresh produce of the season or the flavours of the time.

And there's plenty for the kids to choose from too.  Dine in, check it out. There's more to Pizza Riccardo than pizza!


A choice of local or Italian beer, wine, spirits

Northern Beaches through and through, we've chosen a selection of great tasting brews from local boutique beer maker, Nomad.

For those looking to match an Italian beer to their Italian food, we have that covered too. Choose from Birra Moretti - an Italian beer already quite popular here, or try our 'Birra del Borgo' (Beer of the Village) from the Lazio region, about an hour from Rome.


Our wines also reflect our Italo-Australian heritage with a selection of local and Italian imports.



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